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Hello, my name is John Kelly. I have been working in the design industry since 2003. Started out a Mac Operator for Travis Perkins. Where I learned my first skills in a busy studio. It was here I found out I had a eye for detail in vector design. I used to spend a lot of my time drawing maps, which in turn got me into drawing famous people and cars in my own time for a hobby. Since then, its gone from strength to strength by learning new skills with other companies in the print trade. Plus learning from other people off the internet, and creating my own style of work in my own time, and in my own business.

I used to me known as Joke Art, and in some places on the internet I still am. I started out on my own in 2006 doing commissioned portraits for people of anything they wanted. I also did freelance design, which I did logos and other print stationery. I also have my own canvas printing equipment and supplied local galleries with printed artwork. Unfortunately this all started as the recession hit, and the canvas printing sided of the business was not what it was cracked up to be. So in 2008 Joke Art went part time and I joined Minuteman Press Northampton. Where I used my skills to design more printed stationery, and carried on doing commissions in my own time. In which I did a couple of magazine illustrations and a large number of car apparel t-shirt designs.

In the past three years I have put Joke Art on the back burner while I enjoyed life a bit more. As it seemed all work and no play. In that time I met my girlfriend and got married back in May 2012! I have also been to loads of VW,

Hot Rod and motorcycle shows. Which brings me to why I have created Flat Four Design. I wanted to design my own apparel range for the worldwide market. My designs have been popular with the other companies I have been supplying. Plus the designs that I see for sale at car and motorcycles shows are so expensive and are designed poorly. I feel that I can do better, and here is where Flat Four Design comes in. I will have my first range of t-shirts online for sale in January 2013. All will be design by me and will start from £10 plus postage. All graphics will be done in Adobe Illustrator, and will have clean and pin point designs on them. Early designs will be Air Cooled VW's and working into newer VW's and other makes. My heart will always be with the VW Air Cooled scene. As that is why I choose the name "Flat Four Design". As there is a Flat Four at the heart of any Air Cooled VW.

I also offer graphic design services for anyones needs. If you like my type of work and you think it's what your business needs, then by all means contact me. I still have all my contacts I have made over the years.


To see some of my work, click on some of the thumbnails to the right, or click on my portfolio page to see more.